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Twinning of Athens, Alabama and Stonehaven, Scotland

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

It has been a long winter already, and we look forward to spring this year especially. Clan Baird Society became a part of a twinning/sister city partnership with Stonehaven and the North East of Scotland in October. Mr. Phil Mills-Bishop, Chairman of the Scotland group, and Chieftain Richard Holman-Baird, Co-Chair, will be coming to Athens, Alabama at the end of May, as well as Mr. Neil McLennan, University of Aberdeen, to sign the agreements, spending time with the people of the area. In August, Mr. Ronnie Marks, Athens mayor, Dr. Trey Holladay, Athens City Schools, Mrs. Teresa Todd, Director of Tourism, Ms. Holly Hollman, Director of Communications for Athens City, Mrs. Diane Lehr, Vice President of the Athens Art League.will be traveling to Stonehaven for the signing over there. Clan Baird Society has its Scotland tour in late July and early August, so many of us will be there for the sister city festivities.

Chieftain Richard Holman-Baird on horseback in Athens, AL

Stonehaven is about twenty minutes from Aberdeen, and is very much an historical area for the Bairds. It is about an hour’s drive from Pennan and the old estate of Auchmedden. The last remaining estate belonging to a Baird family is there. The major historic site of Stonehaven is Dunnottar Castle, where the signing of the twinning/sister city documents will take place.

Signing group in Athens, AL

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