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Clan Baird Society Worldwide Foundation supports Scotland and Scottish culture, preserves and restores Clan Baird artifacts and sites in Scotland, and protects all things Scottish

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The Clan Baird Society Foundation was founded in 2020 


Clan Baird Society Worldwide Foundation, Inc.

is classified as a 501(c) 3 charity.


The members of the Foundation Board: 

Branton Baird, President, CBSW Foundation

Debra J. Baird, 1st Vice President, CBSW Foundation

Ross Baird, 2nd Vice President CBSW Foundation

Laura Lynn Kerner, Secretary, CBSW Foundation

Branton Baird, Treasurer CBSW Foundation

Richard Baird, Member-At-Large CBSW Foundation

John Baird, CBSW Foundation, Member-At-Large

Heather Snyder, CBSW Foundation, Member-At-Large

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There was a prophecy given in the 13th century by Thomas the Rhymer which stated, "As long's there's an eagle in Pennan, There will be a Baird in Auchmedden."

Clan Baird has a dream to bring the eagles back to the cliffs at Pennan. We plan to provide a “place” for the Bairds from around the world to “come home to” Scotland. We want to lend a hand and help revitalize New Aberdour –  home of the old Baird Auchmedden Estate. We want to promote the culture of North-East Scotland for its people and mostly for its children, furthering  a feeling of place and identity. We want to build a sense of community for Clan Baird in New Aberdour, meet our neighbors, attract visitors, expand tourism, and bring the eagles back to the cliffs of Pennan.


We have some exciting news to share with you.  Clan Baird Society now has a place “to come home to”.  Clan Baird Society Scotland has successfully contracted to purchase the Dower Hotel in New Aberdour, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  Located within the landscape of the old Baird Auchmedden Estate, this will be a permanent home for a Clan Baird Centre. Funding to purchase the Dower Hotel comes from extremely generous donations provided by two Clan Baird Society Worldwide Board members. Clan Baird Society Scotland will own the building. Planning is now underway on how best to restore and re-purpose the building as our Clan Baird Centre (yet to be named) and as a Community Centre for the citizens of New Aberdour. 

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For more information, financial reports and updates on the foundation, please read our quarterly newsletter.

Places Clan Baird Society Worldwide Foundation is supporting

St. Drostans Kirk New Aberdour Baird Ais

St. Drostan's Old Kirk, New Aberdour Beach, on the old Auchmedden Estate.


The tomb of George Baird of Auchmedden, written in Latin.

Bob at New Aberdour Beach.JPG

Bob Watson, who grew up on the Auchmedden Estate is walking on the beach at New Aberdour. This is near the Kirk and St. Drostan's Saint's Well.


Stone shell that is place at the St. Drostan's Well,

New Aberdour Beach

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