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CLAN BAIRD SOCIETY Board Members and Staff


Richard Baird, Commander and President
Member-At-Large CBSW Foundation 



Debra J. Baird 
- Convenor CBSW Standing Council
- 3rd VP of the Clan Baird Society USA
- 1st Vice President, CBSW Foundation

Branton Baird-01.png

Branton B. Baird
- President, CBSW Foundation
- CBSW Standing Council

Isaac Baird_9-13-20-01.png

Isaac S. Baird
- Convenor, Clan Baird Society USA
- CBSW Committee
- Official CBSW Historian


Bruce Beard
- 2rd VP Clan Baird Society USA

Bob Beard-01.png

Bob Beard
- Treasurer, Clan Baird Society USA


Ross Baird-01.png

Ross Baird 
- UK Commissioner, Clan Baird Society USA
- Treasurer, CBSW Standing Council
- Member Clan Baird Society Scotland SCIO

Penny Carpenter-01.png

Penny Carpenter
- Member-At-Large Northwest US
- Member, Clan Baird Society USA


Heather (Baird) Snyder
- CBSW Publicist
- Standing Council CBSW
- Member Clan Baird Society USA
- "The Gryphon" Editor

John Baird_New Zealand-01.png

John Baird
-Aotearoa Commissioner, Clan Baird     Society USA
- Member for Aotearoa, CBSW     Committee
- CBSW Foundation, Member-At-Large

Brittany Moore-Bedell.jpg

Brittany Moore-Bedell
- CBSW Genealogist
- Member-at-Large Midwest USA
- Member, Clan Baird Society USA

Profile Pic High Res Crop.jpg

Crystal Toronyai Davis
- CBSW Genealogist
- Secretary, Clan Baird Society USA

Nea MacCulloch.jpg

Nea MacCulloch
- CBSW Standing Council - Australia


Dr. James Baird Pape
- CBSW Committee - Africa


Laura Lynn Kerner
- Member for USA
- Secretary, CBSW Foundation


David Radley
- CBSW Standing Council
- Member for Canada

Cameron Curwood
- CBSW Committee
- Member for Canada

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