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You are part of Clan Baird from birth.


The Fiery Cross is the ancient Highland call for the clan to gather from the Chief, summoned by runners carrying two burning sticks tied with a strip of linen and dipped in blood.  Our modern "Fiery Cross" is this website, where our Commander Richard can call on his clan when needed, so we want to know where all our Bairds are.

Please fill out our "Registration Form" to be enrolled in our Clan Baird Database.

We also welcome our Naesmyths, Bards, Beards, Beardens, Beairds, Barrs, MacWard, Wards, Bayards, Bayrds, Beirds, Bardes, and the many other spellings of the Colonies where we were sent at differing times and after different Risings and Wars.  Some of us even chose to leave Scotland, but not many.  Our aim is to bring our family back together from the great Diaspora of our Kith and Kin.

Furthermore we welcome those who would be a Friend of the clan, to join in celebration of our very rich, near 1000 year history, ancient Gaelic traditions, and modern culture all over the world.

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