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Richard holds many positions on historic/civic committees and groups throughout Scotland, and is a member of the Queen’s Archers, as well, guarding the Queen during ceremonies and activities while she is in Scotland.

He runs a farm near Stonehaven, south of Aberdeen.  It is the last remaining working estate of Bairds in Scotland.   The farm is 6000 acres and is stocked with 1,300 breeding Scottish Blackface ewes. In the summer, grassland is let to local cattle farmers who don't have enough grazing themselves.

We, Clan Baird, is most appreciative of Richard, his wife Polly, his daughters Louise and Amelia, and his son Angus, for all they have done for the Bairds and the Clan Baird Society Worldwide, over the years.  We look forward to many more years of working together.

On the farm there is also a horse-riding school and a husky sledging centre, an angling club, a rugby club and several let cottages, so Richard’s family is kept pretty busy in running the various activities. 

They live at Rickarton, which has been owned by the Bairds since the 1850s.  Richard and his family are very supportive of all things Baird and look forward to working with all Bairds to help us move forward, as well as have an anchor in Scotland.



Please join me on my social media platform to read about the weekly happenings on the Rickarton Estate and other things I am doing.

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Coat of Arms

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Boar Passant

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Gryphon Flag

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