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Clan Baird Society Worldwide, Inc. (originally Baird Family Society), is a non-profit, worldwide organization, which began to be formed in the late 1960’s and was finally established, with the blessing of the Honourable Lord Lyon King of Arms, in 1972 by Frances and Byron Baird of Florida and our Commander’s grandfather, James Ian Baird of Ury and Lochwood, 2nd Viscount Stonehaven and later 12th Earl of Kintore and Chief of Clan Keith. The Earl of Kintore and his children have continued to support the Society through the years, as they still do.

Our Mission - “Clan Baird Society Worldwide, Inc. is an organization of Clan Baird Members, formed exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes; who desire to support the family as a whole and to promote all things Baird, in Scotland and around the world. It is our mission to bring the diasporic Clan Baird together as a unified family; protect all things Scottish, as well as encourage others to do the same; encourage cultural, artistic and historic preservation endeavors; acquire, preserve, restore and act as custodian for Scottish historical records, relics, heirlooms and other chattel in general and those of Clan Baird in particular; educate others about Scottish life; encourage all family Members to discover their heritage; help Members in need; and promote fellowship whenever we gather with family. Membership is open to any individual who claims heritage with the Baird family or with whom they feel a close and devoted relationship.”

The current incarnation of the Society became effective on December 2, 2010, when the Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth, Bureau of Commercial Services. The Society was granted Internal Revenue Code 501(c)7 status on November 13, 2013, although the effective date of the tax exemption is given as December 2, 2010, the same as the Articles of Incorporation.

The Gryphon is published 4 times a year. In addition to this website, we maintain a Facebook page and a Blog and there is a separate Society Facebook page in Australia. This website is currently undergoing a major upgrade, so please be patient.

Our Privacy Policy, provided here on our website, reads in part, “Your personal information will be used only for records; we do not share your information in any way.”

A financial report is published quarterly in the Gryphon. However, details of our records and accounts are confidential. General meetings are held annually in the summer. Beginning in 2017 with a trip to Scotland, they now alternate between the US during even-numbered years and Scotland during odd-numbered years. Our 2021 Annual Meeting will be held during the Society gathering, which will take place August 6th through the 8th in Aboyne, Scotland. We hope that many of you will be able to join us. Since 2004, the Society has partnered with the Family Tree DNA Baird Project. We encourage all Bairds to participate.

The Society awards an annual scholarship to a student investigating subjects including Scottish history, lore, music, culture, geography, genealogy or some similar topic. Applicants may be an adult and need not be attending a college or university or a member of, or related to a member of the Society.

The Baird Archaeological and Historical Initiative involves the preservation of Clan lands, Heritage sites, Antiquities, and Monuments with the goal to develop, document, and advocate for the preservation of Baird history.

The Society represents Bairds by sponsoring tents at various Highland Games in the US from coast-to-coast and several in Australia. We also host a tent bi-annually during the Society gathering at the Aboyne Highland Games. In the near future we hope to expand into Canada and New Zealand.

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