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The Baird Fire Scholarship is a program that helps foster and cared-for children around the world.  It is a stock portfolio plan that awards children a weekly allowance for doing well in school and acting within the three precepts of the Baird Fire scholar.

The Baird Fire Scholarship is designed to help foster children or any children in various care situations who will need a base for launching into the university or working world when they finish secondary school.

The structure of the Scholarship is open, according to the needs in the region or country.

The basic idea is for a child to work for their funds each month, through doing well in school, being a good citizen and doing service work where possible, as well as being a good steward of the Earth and its people.


A savings/investment account will be set up for each child in the program, and monthly installments will be added, according to how well the child did in school during that month.  

The student will be able to access the funds for setting up in life after secondary school.

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Every Baird Scholar is charged with doing all assignments with integrity and honesty, as well as to exemplify the standards and practices of Clan Baird Society Worldwide.  To be a scholar means to do all research, writing, and academic tasks with honesty and fairness.


The care of others, resources, and the Earth is the third aspect of being a Baird Scholar.  Trust, honesty, and fairness are at the center of being a good steward.  Keeping the world a safe and happy place, with the means available, is a part of the responsibility of the Baird Scholar.


At the core of the Baird Scholar lies a deep regard for other human beings. Respect for each other as people, and tolerance for one another is of utmost importance. The Baird Scholar participates in the democratic process and upholds the ideals of all people to live with freedom, safety, and the dignity of work.


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