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Historic Bridge Celebration on Old Auchmedden Estate near Pennan

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Bridge of Nethermill 1719, also known as the Mill at Auchmedden before the

Rising of ’45 was duly celebrated and nearly decorated with a bronze plaque from Clan Baird Society, and a pottery year plaque made especially and exclusively for the Bridge by Lynn Pitt, one of the current owners of the mill. The bridge was built by James Baird, 6th Laird of Auchmedden and Alexander Garden, 2nd Laird of Troup, with other local gentry, in answer to a plea from the King to improve roads for commerce in the highlands.

The Bairds were Jacobites; the Gardens were Hanoverians. Putting aside these differences they constructed this first means of travel connecting Aberdeenshire and Banffshire and Gamrie and Aberdour parishes. Before the bridge was built, it was impossible to travel in a wagon between the communities.

Bill and Lynn Pitt, now honored members of Clan Baird Society and owners of the Mill, invited us to participate in the 300th anniversary celebration they sponsored on 2nd August. It was such an honor to be able to place a plaque commemorating the bridge and those who built it. Many thanks to Heather Snyder for her hard work to design and get the bronze plaque cast, as well as delivered to Bill and Lynn prior to the celebration.

Should you travel to the northeast of Scotland, be sure and stay with Bill and Lynn. They have turned the old Mill into four very nice cottages/flats. They rent them on a weekly basis, and love for Bairds to come home to Auchmedden.

Special thanks to all the Bairds and friends who attended the party. Our Commander, Richard Holman-Baird, Branton Baird, and Isaac Baird were instrumental in remembering the Bairds. Isaac was especially well received when he spoke to the group in Gaelic.

Most special thanks to Bill and Lynn Pitt for having the celebration.

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